Missing content on ticket creation


I am using RT 2.0.15 as our support ticketing system in use with our
webhosting clients. Internally we use the web interface to do
everything, while our clients do pretty much everything through e-mail
correspondence. We have been using this for a about 1.5 years with no
problems, but recently we have been beginning to get tickets created
with empty content. They are fortunately limited to a specific Queue,
but I am unsure where to look for why it is getting clobbered in the
manner that it is. The queue we have problems with recieves e-mail from
AOL’s spam reports which includes the full headers of e-mail being
reported as spam, which I am sure is related to the problem, but why it
has been working great for so long and just recently begin failing I can
only begin to guess (there are no big differences from e-mail coming in
now and 2 months ago (that I can see anyway). I looked through the WIKI
and found a way to test a message through the rt-mailgate to see if it
does or does not work and I can easily duplicate the issue there. Are
there any suggestions on what to test or what I should be looking at to
fix this? I appreciate any help you may have. Thanks

-Chris Simiskey