Minor customisations (At A Glance and Custom Fields)

Hi all,

I started using RT back in the early 2000’s, but haven’t used it for about the last decade; so I’m still re-spinning-up in all of the things that I used to know, but have since forgot. Apologies for the stupid questions as a result.

I’m looking to make two changes, but, am struggling to recall WHERE to make them, or, if it’s even possible with RT-4.4.4.

  1. I would like the ability to one-click-delete a ticket from the RT At A Glance page, or, any Dashboard. For reasons that I can’t control, I get a fair bit of spam that (by necessity) makes it into RT. But as a matter of efficiency, I’d like to just click on Delete a bit like I’d click on Take for new tickets, but, have it immediately delete that ticket, and refresh the view. Is this possible? Having to do Bulk Updates takes more clicks than I’d like.

  2. In the Custom Fields selector panel, as shown in Modify.html, I have a Multiple Value selector, but the size is limited to 5 items. Where can I change that to 10, 20, or whatever I’d like?

Great to see RT still going strong, and even though setting it up on a Oracle Linux system without direct Internet access was a complete nightmare (CPAN module dependency hell, and CPAN doesn’t seem to support NTLM auth, and, we have no DNS internally), I’m quite chuffed to have my setup working at all…



If you make a new search, you can add a link using the Advanced tab’s format. You’ll need a path in the lifecycle from the status that the ticket has to the status you want to give it (so new->deleted for example). The format you need is something like:

'<b><a href="__WebPath__/Ticket/Display.html?id=__id__&Action=Delete">Delete</a></b>/TITLE:Delete'

Then save the search and add it to your dashboard as normal. You can put in other RT URLs in the same way as long as you can work out the arguments that need to be passed in via the URL parameters.

On our test 4.4.4 RT I’ve just created a multiple value select Custom Field and in Ticket/Modify.html it displays styled as a box that, when clicked drops down a long list with more than 5 items in it (10 in my test, with a scroll bar to the left). As far as I can see there isn’t a way to provide a size parameter for the number of items to display.

Fantastic tip, thank you - the Advanced panel gave me exactly what I needed for tweaking some searches/dashboards. In this case, I went for a slightly modified solution:

'<b><a href="__WebPath__/Ticket/Update.html?DefaultStatus=deleted&amp;Status=deleted&amp;SubmitTicket=1&amp;id=__id__">Delete</a></b>/TITLE:Delete',

That seemed to take care of exactly the need I had here - well, except for the CSRF warning. I know there are other tips on how to address that though.