Migrating from Windows (3.0.12) to Linux (3.4.2) and having issue s with Links/References in tickets

I’m in the process of migrating from a windows 3.0.12 RT install to a Linux
(3.4.2) install and I’ve come up against something that might be a show

The folks that are testing have noticed that there are no ticket links in
the “Links”/“References” section of a ticket after a migration to the Linux
3.4.2 server. After going through the list archives, I found a thread that
it could relate to the $Organization variable changing in RT_SiteConfig.pm.

This is the case with the process I’m currently going through. I am going
to have to change $Organization and $rtname so that once on the Linux
server, we will be able to enable the email features of RT.

Is there a document somewhere that outlines the whats and wheres in the
database I need to change? I’ve searched the list archives and Wiki, and
have come back without a lead.

My 60,000 foot upgrade process for reference:

  • Backup DB on Windows PC.
  • Import DB onto Linux server running 3.0.12
  • Upgrade RT from 3.0.12 to 3.4.2