Merging two RT installations?

I have two RT installations that I’d like to merge. One is a legacy
RT2 installation and the other is RT3. So far in testing, I have
successfully imported the RT2 database into a RT 3.6 installation.
I’m willing to add a constant number to one set of tickets, thus
losing the connection between past emails for those tickets, as one of
the systems has been largely unused recently, but which has a nice
collection of historical data that I want to preserve.

Is there any way to do this? I was thinking I could increment all of
the id sequences in a pristine RT database before I import the RT2
data to prevent transaction and other id overlap. Then I could dump
all of the RT3 data, increment the Id columns and references in the
dumpfile and restore the RT3 data into the database that already
contains the RT2 data.

Would that work? If not, is there a better way to do something crazy
like this? :slight_smile:

Ted Cabeen
Sr. Systems/Network Administrator
Impulse Internet Services LLC