Merging tickets cause loss of previous subject line

RT is very careful to maintain full history of what has been done on
an issue (one of the reason it is so great).

One instance however where some information is lost is when tickets
are merged. I noticed this recently when I merged tickets that where
on the same subject but one of the subject lines contained important
information (the IP address of the server in question) in the subject
line. After the merge there was no way I could find to get at that

Perhaps it should record the previous subject line in the ticket when
it is merged. It’s rare I merge tickets and that they would have
important information in the ticket subject line but it does happen.


It has been a while since I merged tickets, but for me in 3.4, the
subject line is recorded in the history, along with TO, FROM, CC, and
DATE. You should be able to look at the relevant portion of the history
in the merged ticket to discover this information.

Steve Neruda wrote: