Merged tickets help

Hi All,

I am trying to identify any tickets which have been merged and from the merged tickets which is the main ticket. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance for any help.

The “main” ticket will be the ticket that you’ve merged other one(s) into. For example if I create two tickets with ids 4000 and 4001, make comments in each as separate tickets and then merge 4000 into 4001, ticket 4001 will become the “main” ticket and there’ll be a transaction in its history that says:

Ticket #4000: - Merged into #4001: Test merge ticket 2

In ticket 4001, you’ll see the comment made before merging, along with the ticket ID they relate to if its not the “main” ticket. For example:

Mon Mar 11 10:09:48 2019 Jon Knight <> - Ticket #4000: - Comments added

If you have access to the MySQL command line you can find these like this:

select id as "Original Ticket Id", EffectiveId as "Merged Into Ticket Id" from Tickets where id != EffectiveId;

Hope that helps.

Thanks, I do have access to SQL so will give that a go.