Merged tickets 'disappearing'?

Hi Folks,

We run RT 3.6.4 currently, and have noticed that if you run a report for
tickets in queue X with start dates between Y and Z, then tickets that
have been merged (but where both have a start date in the appropriate
timespan) don’t show up on the report. This is obviously a little
irritating for the poor person that compiles performance reports out of
RT tickets (happily, this isn’t me!).

Searching through the list archive I can see some discussion from
earlier this year about similar issues with search and merged tickets.
However, the Changelog that comes with RT 3.6.5 is near-enough useless
unless you have intimate knowledge of the RT development process - is
this merging issue resolved in 3.6.5? Is there a more user-friendly

We have just enough local modifications to make me wary of just trying
the upgrade, since it’ll be a day or so’s time to get things back to how
they were after the upgrade…

thanks in advance for any illumination,