MDA open failed

when execute fetchmail.bat showme this messages:

fetchmail: Server CommonName mismatch: localhost.localdomain !=
1 message for rt_tickets at (1114 octets).
reading message 1 of 1 (1 114 octets)
fetchmail: MDA open failed
fetchmail: MDA error while fetching from
fetchmail: Query status=6 (IOERR)

my rt-mailgate.conf file :

poll proto pop3:
username rt_tickets password 123 mda “c:\Progra~1\OurInternet\Common\perl\bin\perl.exe c:\Progra~1\Ourinternet\Reques~1\rt\bin\ --url http://localhost:8284/ --queue General --action correspond”

any idea?


hasta luego

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