Mason error displaying a ticket

Anyone know why I’m getting this Mason error displaying
a ticket (/Ticket/Display.html?id=1)? Tesdeps didn’t report
a dependency problem.


Mason error
error in file:

line 150: Can’t locate object method “new” via package "Text::Wrapper"

146: }
147: # 13456 is a random # of about the biggest size we’d want to see
inline text
148: if ($message->ContentType =~ m{^(text/plain|message|text$)}i &&
149: length($message->Content)<13456) {
150: my $wrapper = new Text::Wrapper (columns=>85);
151: $_out->($_escape->(( $wrapper->wrap( $message->Content) ),‘h’));
152: $_out->('
153: ');
154: }

component stack: /Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction [standard]
/Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory [standard]
/Ticket/Display.html [standard]
/autohandler [standard]
code stack: