Mason component root error?

Hi All,

A stupid question for you…

Getting this error from Mason:

[Fri Apr 6 06:46:15 2001] [warn] [Mason] Cannot resolve file to
component: /home/wwwroot/ (is file
outside component root?)

It gives me a 500 error even when accessing mod_perl code that’s
definitely there.

So mod_perl’s Mason module is blocking it and returning this error I
assume, but I don’t know where Mason’s component root is set, so I don’t
know how to change and fix it.

I’ve skimmed the HTML::Mason, and other manpages, and looked at the RT
docs, but I can’t see an obvious solution, as I’m not familiar enough
with Mason, or indeed mod_perl.

Should I just delete all references to Mason from my perl include paths?
and then reinstall RT? I’ve already tried (just) reinstalling RT…

Can anyone help?



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