Mangling support addresses


Is it possible (in RT2) to set up the following scenario:

  • User sends a support request via email to support@domain,
  • A new ticket is created and the user is sent a template reply.
  • A support user picks the ticket up and corresponds with the user via RT.
  • The reply address of the correspondence always stays support@domain
    (never divulging the actual RT user corresponding to the request).

The last step is the only one I am uncertain RT2 supports as-is (or with
some changes). We run RT1.x and needed to write an address mangling script
that plugs into our MTA to be able to mangle the addresses correctly.

We essentially have several support queues that are bound to different
domains. Company policy dictates that correspondence with an outside party
must take place via the support@domain role account.

Can one do this easier in RT2 natively?



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