Mandatoryontransition configuration making the customfields duplicate

Hi Team,
I configured some custom fields so that they are to be filled mandatory before resolving a ticket and I am seeing while resolving the ticket the fields are coming two times . When we are filling value to one custom field the other duplicate field in being updated and vice versa.

Please note I have added mandatoryontransition plugin and configured it in the file. Please let me know if any one knows the solution for this.

Hi,Anyone faced the same issue and having any update, how to resolve this

Same issue, no solution yet :-/

Do you also have another extension like RT::Extension::CustomFieldsOnUpdate?

yes :-/ it is installed and used since a long time.

You can remove that extension and use the config value from mandatory on transition

Set($ShowAllCustomFieldsOnMandatoryUpdate, 1);

since they are both adding custom fields to the update page you will end up with duplicates

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OK, didn’t tried it out yet, but means “Show … on mandatory Update” that they are only displayed if there is a mandatory field? Or will the get displayed also if there are no mandatory fields?


By default, this extension shows only the mandatory fields on the update page to make it easy for users to fill them out when completing an action. If you would like to show all custom fields rather than just the mandatory ones, use this configuration option. You can set it like this:

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