Mandatory select one custom field not being enforced for unprivileged users?

Running RT 5.0.4, I have a custom field set to:

Type: Select one value
Render type: Dropdown
Validation: (?#Mandatory).
Default value: (no value)

When a privileged user tries to create or alter a ticket, it checks that a value is selected for that custom field.

But when an unprivileged user uses the self service portal to create a ticket, despite it showing the custom field and “Input must match [Mandatory]” under the field, they can still submit the ticket without picking a value.

Have I missed configuring something?

Half a day of trying to figure it out, and I figure it out 10 minutes after posting this…

Anyways, for future me when you google this again:

If unprivileged users or everyone has the SetInitialCustomField permission (Add custom field values only at object creation time), but DOES NOT have the SeeCustomField permission (View custom fields) - then the field will show up in the self service portal, and they can pick a value, but it won’t be validated.

If the user has both permissions, it will validate it properly and force them to pick a value.

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