Managing custom roles at ticket and queue level

Hi All,

In our organizations, we are using RT 4.4 to host around 20 queues.

  1. We have created a staff group for each of the queues, who will be
    responsible for looking into the tickets.

Since this group has the same permissions across all queues, I am wondering
if we can create a STAFF custom-role(multi value) and apply it to all
queues and assign the permissions globally for this new Role. If yes,
further I would like to automate applying this role whenever a queue is
newly created.

One more doubt, how can we make this role unavailable at the ticket level

  1. Is there any way I can make a multi-value custom role visible at the
    ticket level but not at the queue level. (the way “Owner” role works, it is
    single valued role though)?

Thanks in Advance!!!