Make RT3.6.1. hiding Tickets with Starting time in the Future


while the migration from RT 3.4.5 to 3.6.1, I run into troubles
making some changes. On the Starting Page, there’s the list with
my current tasks, but there I see also the Tickets, which will
start in the future. These tickets I want to hide!

In RT 3.4.5 I costumized the Query in
but I don’t find the solution for the recent Version. Any helpful Idea?

Thx a lot,

No need to get into the code, you can do this from the frontend.

Create the search in query builder, save it, and add it to your MyRT
page in place of “My Tickets” - by clicking the “Edit” link at the top
of “RT at a glance”.

Alternately, to change it for all users, log in as Superuser, and edit
the “My Tickets” search - by clicking the “Edit” link next to “10
highest priority tickets I own” and then clicking to “edit the
predefined search itself: Search - My Tickets”


Stefan Oeser wrote: