Make custom field invisible for certain group / user?

Hi everyone,

I read that it is possible to hide a custom field from certain users / certain user groups. Does anybody know how this can be set?

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Are you trying to hide one custom field or all custom fields (This one is much easier)?

As knation has already said, it will depend on what you’re trying to do, but Admin->Queues-> {Pick a queue} go to Group Rights and see who can view custom fields, will probably be a decent place to begin

Thank you both for your fast answers.

I am trying to hide some custom fields for a certain group of users.

I tried:
Admin-> Custom Fields-> Select -> (select a certain custom field) -> Group Rights -> ADD GROUP -> In the tab “General Rights” there is a checkbox for “View custom fields”. But no matter if I enable or disable the checkbox this custom field is visible for members of this particular group.

The users are most likely getting the right from another place (RT allows for rights to be given at multiple levels). You could take a look at this extension:

It allows you to see which rights users/groups have and where they are receiving the rights from. To clarify again though, is the goal to hide all custom fields from these users or just a sub group of custom fields? Removing the view custom fields rights will mean they are not aloud to see any custom fields then.

Don’t forget that RT rights are additive. Disabling rights for a given group will not help if Everyone or Privileged have ViewCustomFields.

Thanks again, guys.

The goal is to hide a sub group of custom fields from a group of users. These users shall see some custom fields, but not every CF.

If you feel comfortable writing some custom code you can use the callback structure to create a custom rights SeeSecretCFs and then do a check before showing those values to users

Hi @DB_Cooper ,

Did you managed to find a solution to this custom fields rights ?

Is there a place I can find a example of writing custom rights ?


Looking at t/api/groups.t I see:

RT::Group->AddRight( General =>
    'RTxGroupRight' => 'Just a right for testing rights',

The question is where to put that code, if you make your own extension you could put it right in the module code

I understand

Thank you @knation