Mailgate problems


I’m experiencing some problems getting the mailgate to work properly. I’m
running RT 1.0.7 on a RedHat 6.2 system and it’s been working fine from
the web interface but I haven’t been able to create tickets by e-mail.
First I set up fetchmail to grab the mail from the mailhub. My
.fetchmailrc file looks like:

poll mailhost proto IMAP:
username dgl-rt password **** mda “/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate dgl

Using this method, rt-mailgate would create a ticket but wouldn’t include
the e-mail body as the ticket description – the e-mail body would get
lost. Plus, the e-mail would sit around in the mailbox, so RT would
create the same ticket every five minutes. I played with the “keep” and
"flush" fetchmail directives but couldn’t change this behavior.

Next I changed the fetchmail file to:

poll mailhost proto IMAP:
username dgl-rt password **** mda “/usr/sbin/sendmail”

and added the following line to my /etc/aliases file:

dgl-rt: |"/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate dgl correspond"

This would flush the mail queue for the dgl-rt user, but RT wouldn’t
create new tickets at all. Finally I tried to use rt-mailgate from the
command line with the following results:

% rt-mailgate --extended-syntax -v -d -a correspond -q dgl-rt
this is a test from the rt-mailgate command line
Ticket=‘0’ Queue=‘dgl-rt’ Area=’’ Sender=’’ Precedence=‘first-class’

And no ticket was created. I checked the MySQL database and there is no
data for serial_num 0. Any ideas what is going on and how to get the
mailgate to operate correctly?

Much thanks,

Jacob Clingerman
System Administrator, Dynamic Graphics, Inc.