Mailgate - (possibly) corrupt ticket creation

RT users,

I’m having some problems with mailgate automatically creating tickets. There
doesn’t seem to be any mention for my specific problem in TFM (or anywhere
else). Googling the exact error returns two results; both on the same down
server. I’d really appreciate is if someone could help out.

It seems like tickets are created without problem (auto reply scrip #3 works
as well). When trying to reply to the ticket the error “no value sent for
required parameter ‘Attributes’” is displayed and the page hangs. The same
error occurs when clicking on the “people” and “jumbo” tabs. When viewing
the summary page, all of the expected fields are present and populated.
There are no errors recorded in /var/log/httpd/error* or /var/log/messages.
Screenshots, log files, config files, etc available on request.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. send email to its@domain.tld (of course we a are using a real one)
  2. Log in to selfservice as an unprivileged user or as root
  3. Do one of:
    I. Reply to the ticket
    II. Click the “people” tab
    III. Click the “jumbo” tab
    Reproducibility: 100%.

OS: CentOS 5.5
RT 3.8.8 (new install).
Install instructions used: README and (mostly)
Using ActiveDirectory with RT::Authen::ExternalAuth; configured exactly as
in the tutorial above.
Active Directory Version: 2008 schema
Latest (as of yesterday) RT FM


Harout Hedeshian
Office: 303.318.4205

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