Mailgate issues

I’ve been using RT2 for a few weeks now and wanted to test RT3 as it
looks like it may solve a couple of issues for me, but I can’t quite
figure them.

First off, I want my support staff to be able to create tickets on an
end-users behalf by email.

My horrible attempt at a solution to this was to hack this a bit in RT2
by getting my support to BCC the RT queue address where I added a
condition in to check check if the message was recieved via To
or CC and then getting the requestor from the To field in this was not
the case…ie:

if($head->get('To') !~ /support.woodstock/ && $head->get('Cc') !~

$From = $head->get(‘To’);
$From = $head->get(‘Reply-To’) ||
$head->get(‘From’) ||
return (ParseAddressFromHeader($From));

…obviously, this is clunky so I was hoping that RT3 had what I
needed. It appears that maybe the Custom Condition may help here, but
I’m at a loss on how to use it. Can anyone shed any light?

Also, the only way I could get my rt-mailgate to work without barfing
was to copy the IsRTAddress() and CanonicalizeAddress() methods from my
RT2 into my file …(which now works, but…).
I must be missing something, because it apparently doesn’t see the
methods in the and


Shawn Crosby