Mailgate issues

I’m using RT 3.0.9p2 with qmail.

I had been having several troubles with mailgate (was using sendmail
setting) in which 1) attachments were treated oddly, often times stating
that a message had no content, and 2) Sender was being set as the HTTP
server user.

So, I changed sendmail to sendmailpipe (args: -oi -t) and all seemed
well, until my HTML-encoded email sending users started to complain that
their messages weren’t showing up. And they aren’t. I’m seeing errors
in the qmail error logs:

delivery 99: deferral:




And this is what I’m seeing in the HTTP server error logs:

[Mon Feb 23 12:14:07 2004] [error] access to //REST/1.0/NoAuth/mail-gateway
failed for xx.xx.xx.xx, reason: user mailgate: password mismatch

xx.xx.xx.xx is the rt ip address

Not sure where //REST is coming from…?

If anyone has seen this, or can suggest where to look, that would be


Rick Rezinas
Unix Systems Administrator
Qsent, Inc.

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