Love your RT Dashboard(s)? Care to share?

In the past few years our RT usage has increased dramatically. We’re now
in a position where our old Dashboards, leftover from the days when our
RT usage was very minimal, are not very helpful. Some of us rely on
being AdminCcs on various queues and use our email in-boxes to monitor
RT…which can be rather maddening. I currently monitor 3 queues that
average 75 open tickets at any given time. Yesterday was a slow day and
I only received 96 emails from RT due to my reliance on being an AdminCc
on the queues I must monitor. I am hopeful that an improved dashboard
will allow me and my colleagues to stop being AdminCc on entire queues
and instead focus on specific tickets.

What changes did you make to your Dashboard that that made it more
useful to you?
Did you spend a lot of time talking about, tweaking and refining your
Dashboard(s)? What was the result?
Do you have a Dashboard that you find extremely useful and well
organized? Would you care to share it with the list and tell us how you
use it and why it works in your environment? Of course these will vary
greatly depending on the type of work being performed but I’m just
hoping for some ideas/inspiration.

Thank you!