Lost attachments


I have a problem with RT 2.0.9 that i haven’t seen before on this list:
File attachments are lost on the way out of the RT system. Users can mail
attachments in to the system, and they show up and can be downloaded from
the web interface, but none of the AdminCC’s or Requestors see the
attachment on mail that they receive. I looked at my sendmail logs and i
can see the attachment come in, and i can see the multiple-recipient message
get sent out shortly after, but without the attachment.

I’ve checked config.pm, and all the attachment-related options are set
appropriately. Is there some kind of RT log that i can check to if it’s
stripping attachments? How can i further debug this problem?

Thanks for your help,

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Isn’t this related to the feature that when adding attachements in RT,
they only get added to the ticket, and not sent as an attachement in
the mail? I’m not into the internals of RT, but I suppose that the
scrip/template combination you have set up doesn’t send attachements
from RT. What happens is probably that RT recieves the mail, parses it,
saves it to a storage, and sends the content (without the attachement)
according to the scrips. Take a look at the thread at
http://lists.fsck.com/pipermail/rt-users/2001-October/004721.html for
more about this.

Perhaps you can modify the NotifyWithAttachment.pm found in the thread
to do what you want.