Looking for flattened ticket data - De-normalized RT Views originally by Kenneth Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov


Hopefully Kenneth Crocker is still on the mailing list since he originally
posted about this in 2009. I’ve been digging around for a way to have a
flattened representation of ticket data including customfields for
statistical purposes.

I think what it is I’m looking for is a to use MySQL Views (stored queries
that when invoked produce a result set and act as a virtual table) but I
can’t figure out how to build one that includes CustomField data from the
ObjectCustomFieldValues table with proper names of fields instead of
numbers and Usernames instead of UIDs etc… I find the joins required for
the RT data a little extreme to figure out in my head.

I know it’s a complex thing to do but it would make generating statistics
and digging through the data very easy without having to code something in
perl from scratch every time a new statistical report is requested.

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