Looking for a quick consult... proper list?


Is it OK to post “hunting a consult” requests here? I checked the list’s
"welcome" message for a statement of appropriateness; couldn’t find
anything. Anyway… if this is not the right place, please do direct us

We’re looking for someone to do a few hours of RT consulting for an existing
client. Their adoption of RT, and the complexity of their requests, has
just outstripped our ability to effectively support. We’d like to pay
someone with “mad skills” a reasonable fee to take care of them in a batch,
and possibly on an ongoing basis.

If you’re an RT specialist, want some extra work, and have a few available
slots in your schedule, please do get in touch with me.



You may want to just get ahold of Best Practical as they make it their business to do this sort of thing.

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