Logo Replacement in 3.8.x success

Here is how I successfully replaced the default logo in RT 3.8.7:

  1. Add the following to RT_SiteConfig.pm, which may me in /opt/rt3/etc/
    or /etc/request-tracker3.8/. Alter as appropriate.

Set($WebBaseURL, “http://internal.yoyodyne.com”);
Set($WebPath , “/rt”);
Set($WebURL, $WebBaseURL . $WebPath . “/”);
Set($WebImagesURL, $WebURL . “NoAuth/images/”);
Set($LogoLinkURL, $WebBaseUrl);
Set($LogoURL, $WebImagesURL . “mylogo.png”);
Set($LogoAltText, “Yoyodyne Inc”);
Set($LogoWidth, ‘100’);
Set($LogoHeight, ‘50’);

  1. Copy $RT_HOME/share/html/NoAuth/css/web2/layout.css to
    $RT_HOME/local/html/NoAuth/css/web2/. Around line 172 (with RT 3.8.7)
    you’ll see:

div#logo a {
display: none;
left: 0;
bottom: 0;

Change that to something suitable. The following will place the logo at
the bottom left of every page with the left edge aligned with main body
of the page:

div#logo a {
display: fixed;
left: 10%;
bottom: 1%;

It would be nice to get RT_SiteConfig.pm to set this part without the need
to edit layout.css?

  1. Put your logo in $RT_HOME/local/html/NoAuth/images/. Make sure the
    filename here matches what you pout in RT_SiteConfig.pm.

  2. Copy $RT_HOME/share/html/Elements/Logo to
    $RT_HOME/local/html/Elements. Around line 48 you’ll see a line that
    begins with “

    ”. That entire “div” section should be
    replaced with this:
    <% loc(" width="<%$RT::LogoWidth%>" height="<%$RT::LogoHeight%>" /> % if ( $ShowName ) { <% $Name || loc("RT for [_1]", RT->Config->Get('rtname')) %> % }

    This edit really should be in RT by default.

    1. This edit is optional. That big Best Practical logo bugs me, so I
      remove it like this:

    cp -p $RT_HOME/share/html/Elements/Footer
    cp /dev/null $RT_HOME/share/html/Elements/Footer

    1. Now restart apache.

    David Griffith

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