Logging out from Request Tracker

I work at Saratoga Springs Public Library

we are using a request tracker
to keep tabs on computer problems here at the library

whenever I try to logout, nothing happens

I click on Logout, but then I can still do things (create a request, view the queue etc)

If I shut down Netscape, that seems to log me out.

Beth Leanza Reference Librarian sar_leanz@sals.edu
Computer Services Coordinator bethl@saratoga.lib.ny.us
Saratoga Springs Public Library bethlea@yahoo.com
49 Henry St
Saratoga Springs NY 12866

518 584 7860 ext. 245

Hi Beth,

whenever I try to logout, nothing happens

What version of RT and what browser and OS are you using? Has anyone
modified your RT at all?

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