Localizing RT


Hi everybody!
I recently joined this mailing-list, because I am testing RT 1.0.3 for my
company. On one hand we want to use it as request tracker for
hardware-problems with computers and other equipment. The other thing is, we
also want to use it in our quality management system (ISO9001 certified).
Since my company is in Austria and we speak German, the question of
nationalizing arouse.

I admit, I haven�t looked into the source-code, but I have translated the
templates and also part of the web-UI script. Since there will be problems
when new versions of RT arrive, I think it might be a good idea to put the
various captions into a SQL-table, where they can be easily translated and
used after updates of the code. Another way would be the use of
text-variables, located at the beginning of the scripts.

Since I am pretty sure about using rt in my company, I started to translate
the user-manual to German. If You are interested in this translation, I
would like to get the most recent version of the documentation, so I can
produce an up-to-date version in German.

Hope to hear from you soon.


P.S Today I learned, that You are deep into work on RT 2. Maybe it is
possible to integrate part of my ideas into your work. My offer for
translating the docs is up for RT 2 too. karl

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