Local customisation of Tickets_Overlay.pm


mod_perl2,apache2,rt-3.8.7 and mysql5

I need to add a key in the %FIELD_METADATA hash (with
Tickets_Overlay.pm), I expected to be able to customise this as per the
usual, ie
-Create local/RT/Tickets_Vendor.pm
-Copy our %FIELD_METADATA = ( );
-Copy %dispatch

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    sub FIELDS { return %FIELD_METADATA }
    sub dispatch { return %dispatch }
    sub can_bundle { return %can_bundle }

and add my fields within the %FIELD_METADATA hash ,
My field need a dispatch method which I added to %dispatch and created
the function.

But this is not working for me, if I add my new key to the
%FIELD_METADATA hash in lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay.pm everything works, but
its not working from my local Vendor version,

Any pointers will be appreciated.