Linux, Apache, mySQL and RT


Morning Folks,

Well here’s to hoping someone can help me out.

Linux - Stormix 2.02 (based on Debian Potato)
Apache - 1.3.9
mySQL - 3.22.30
perl - 5.005

RT installed without a hitch. I have the installation running under a
virtual domain ( Made the mods to my
httpd.conf file. Then tried to access it at:

That returns an Internal Server Error
so I played with it for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon (didn’t
get it running), and this morning did a reinstall, this time using the
mod_auth_mysql module setup.
Now when I try to access it at nph-ebrt.cgi, my error log for the
virtual host is returning:
/.htaccess Invalid command ‘Auth_MYSQLdatabase’, prehaps mis-spelled or
module not defined in server configureation.

In my httpd.conf , mod_auth_mysql is defined and the actual .so file
matches up with what is in the httpd.conf file.

Anyone have any ideas here?

Thanks in advance all.

Scott Fraser Email:
Senior Systems/Network Administrator

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