Link asset based on name rather than id

Hi, we’ve just started using RT5 from RT3.1.

We would really like to link an asset to a ticket or article by searching for it’s name, rather than having to reference it’s ID (currently asset:123).

Does anyone know if this is possible.

Any assistance would be hot. thanks.

Which page/inputs in RT are you adding the new link?

Apologies for the late reply,

When viewing a ticket, looking at the “Links” section. We would like to have “Depends on:” field to have the asset attached. Currently we need to lookup the asset name in a different window to find the asset ID, and then type “asset:###” into this field.

This is a bit clunky and I was wondering if we can simply type the asset name in this field and have an autocomplete box similar to the “Merge” field.

A little less clunky is to link the ticket from the asset page since the links section there will autocomplete based on ticket subject