Mr. James;
I’m cc’ing you as you were listed in the headers of EmailParser_Local.pm,
even though you (are|were) looking for the original creator.

rt-3.0.4. rh7.3, etc.

There was a problem in using this, logging in via the web interface to
create a new account. I’ve not narrowed it down completely, but if I have
a userid “john” and attempt to login via “john” and my ldap password, it
never gets anywhere. The email address search
my $filter = “mail=”.$UserInfo{‘EmailAddress’};
never matches, and
$filter = “mail=”.$UserInfo{‘RealName’};
might pick it up, but I still never get the rt screen.

Some accounts it works, others it doesn’t, where username equals

I’ve changed it to:
my $filter = “uid=”.$UserInfo{‘EmailAddress’};

And I seem to have better success.

So, if anyone knows, what was the reasoning, and would it be worth it to
modify the search routines for uid, then email, then realname?