LDAP Overlay Update: v1.1b1, with Account Information AutoRefresh


I’ve just made v1.1b1 (code name: “Punch-Drunk Hamster”) of the LDAP
overlay available. It adds one frequently requested feature: automatic
update of RT account info from LDAP. Presently, it only refreshes the
info when the user logs in, but I’m hoping to find other sane points
to cause the autorefresh to happen.

Also, with v1.1b1 came a big refactor of User_Local.pm. For various
bizarre reasons, I can’t test the code I’ve posted; it has to do with
the unusual way in which our internal LDAP servers are configured.
Please download and test this code and shout out when you find a bug;
I’d like to nail them all quickly, then give this code some time to


Jim Meyer, Geek at Large purp@acm.org