LDAP Naming for Oracle DB

We are implementing LDAP naming for our Oracle database services so that database connections no longer have to point to specific hosts. We have two RT environments. One is newer and is using an Oracle client so that was easy to change with sqlnet.ora, etc.

the other is an older version of RT (4.0.17) and I’m unsure how to configure RT_SiteConfig.pm for this. Our current configuration looks like this:
#Set( $DatabaseHost, ‘dbhost01-vip.domain.com’ );
Set( $DatabaseName, ‘TRTRACK’ );
Set( $DatabasePassword, ‘nottherealpassword’ );
Set( $DatabasePort, ‘1521’ );
Set( $DatabaseRequireSSL, ‘’ );
Set( $DatabaseType, ‘Oracle’ );
Set( $DatabaseUser, ‘RTMGR’ );

It’s odd that the DatabaseHost is commented out, so not sure how it knows where to go from here. That aside I see no way to enter a jdbc string or anything else to tell the app to use LDAP naming. It it were just a straight jdbc string it would look like this:

My searching the forum and documentation hasn’t found anything relating to this yet. I’m hoping someone here has done this and knows how to configure it for this.

Senior DBA
Miami University