Ldap external user creation fail

Hi all,
im using rt 3.8.4 and having problems with users being autocreated by the
ldap plugin. on first login they arent being added to the database, and
on subsequent attempts to add them in the user manager i simply get “could
not add user.” the ldap information for a user is NOT present in all
user entries on the ldap server, so occasionally a field is returned empty
(this shouldnt matter i presume)

the users information, what information can be populated from ldap, is
fetched properly (hence my realname redactions) so i know it cant be
a problem with the ldap server…

debug logging does not seem to add anything else
useful to the troubleshooting effort.

here is a dump of the error i get:

[Wed Aug 19 14:12:30 2009] [error]: Could not create a new user -
[Wed Aug 19 14:13:00 2009] [info]:
RT::Authen::ExternalAuth::CanonicalizeUserInfo returning Address1: ,
Address2: , AuthSystem: , City: Kolkata, Comments: , ContactInfoSystem: ,
Country: IND, Disabled: 0, EmailAddress: , EmailEncoding: ,
ExternalAuthId: niroy, ExternalContactInfoId: , FreeformContactInfo: ,
Gecos: niroy, HomePhone: , Lang: , Manager: N, MobilePhone: , Name: niroy,
NickName: , Organization: 471060X, PagerPhone: , Privileged: , RealName:
[REDACTED], Signature: , State: WB, WebEncoding: , WorkPhone: , Zip:

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