Latest on pasting images in RT5?

We really need to be able to paste images in ticket replies. I see very dated threads about this but nothing RT5-related. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

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So I can’t say this is a solution, but a potential workaround is to update the ticket through email. Let the email client handle the image pasting. RT seems to be able to mostly handle the storage and display thereafter.

For the end user that’s fine, but for the ticket moderators, we need to be able to set metadata and change ticket statuses as part of the reply. This tool is supposed to save me time, not create extra work.

@Chanel_Wheeler I’m with you there.

You can use GitHub - bestpractical/rt-extension-richtext-images as a starting point to get an idea how it may work.
I had the requirement to have the pictures included to mail (base64 encoded). By the way, this will create problems if you have big pictures. But anyway, there is as far I know no ready to go solution, you need to do it on your own. It’s not that difficult if you start with above repository as starting point.