Large Users Table- 3.4.5 solution?

Dear RT Users,

we have RT 3.4.1 in production with > 30 users and 25000 tickets.

We do have 1300 unprivileged users in the users table.
They represent the customer base to link tickets to.
We also show Address information and custom fields etc. in tickets (Show Requestor part)
which is very usefull for telephone support. This is also obviously the slowest part when opening tickets!

Performance decays quiet heavily with the number of tickets.

We are not quiet sure i this may result from the tremendous growth of groups and groupmember tables.

There has been advice that 3.4.5 has fixed this problem.
Is that so?

Since we have to admit that by customizing the upgrade is quiet an effort:

  • which parts of 3.4.5 are suggested to improve the problems above?
  • Is there limited modules that can help to improve the 3.4.1 and leave time for a full upgrade?



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