Language selection UI implemented: new features request


Thanks to Autrijus Tang, we can now select language on a per user basis.
This leads to a few more features to add:

  • The template table includes a “language” field. It would be nice to be
    able to send to a user a message in its own language if available.
    Several identical templates could coexist, with only the language as a
    difference. The current “scrip” mecanism does not allow this yet.
  • Maybe a “default” language should be added for automatic user
    creation, or a default language could be used for templates.
    The default language could depend on the email format. Another option
    would be to set the language according to the first web connection if
    not already set (but our standard users would never connect. I’d rather
    have them default to French based on their email)

The usefulness of all this depends on the number of multi-language RT
instances in use. Maybe Canada or Belgium would need this?

Thanks for the good work