Keyword strangeness

Heya all.

I actually noticed this along time ago but never really got a chance to
look into it.
my RT2 database was converted from rt1, and in the process I think it
fudged the keywords a bit

I seem to have duplicate Keywords in the database, eg.

mysql> select name,count(*) from Keywords group by Name;

| CALL CENTRE | 108228 |

Now, I would expect perhaps a duplicate or two from sub-keywords, but

now, most of these keywords are infact disabled.

mysql> select count()
-> from Keywords,ObjectKeywords
-> where
-> and Keywords.Disabled=1;
| count(
) |
| 206689 |
1 row in set (2.05 sec)

So i’m guessing the import script went a bit wacky and created a new
keyword for every ticket that used that keyword, rather than reusing the
existing one.

Now, two questions,

1, would having 200,000 or so Disabled keywords effect the speed of RT much?

and 2, if so, any suggestions for fixing this, i’ve read that directly
manipulating the DB is a pretty big no no in RT, but I guess this is
likely to be an exception.

Matthew Watson
Netspace Online Systems.