Keeping tickets current

How do I maintain ticket number sequences between two mysql databases?

We currenlty use a webform (PHP/mysql) submissions for workrequests,
which get sequential job numbers 1029, 1030, 1031, etc… We’d like to
add RT to handle the email management and issue tickets that go within
our sequence. So if our original database issues jobID# 1032, than
someone submits an email request it gets #1033 from RT, then someone
else uses our original database to submit a new ticket they get #1034
and so on so that the tickets are sequential.

I’m using RT 2.0.14 on a FreeBSD server: mysql has 2 databases:
workrequest (original system) and rt2. We need to transition new system
in, we can’t entirely replace old system with RT.

Also is it possible to have separate queues use their own numbering
sequence? (e.g. help@ queue gets different #'s then web@ )

Thanks in advance for ideas.