Keeping the original senders name

I feel like I’ve missed something VERY obvious here but I can’t seem to find it so hopefully someone can point me the right direction.

I have RT5 working pretty much exactly how I like it - emails go to a central support@domain email, tickets get created from there and I can either update from the web UI or just reply to the emails. Users can do the same.

When I reply to an email or update via the web the email goes correctly from “Firstname Lastname support@domain” . Perfect! Lets my clients see who they’re speaking with. But when coming back in to the technicians EVERY email is from “Queue Name support@domain” when I’d like it to be “Firstname Lastname support@domain” the same as the outgoing.

Is there a way for me to have RT pass through the “From” line when sending these emails to ticket owners? Having an inbox full of emails from the same user makes it difficult to spot a specific ticket quickly based on who submitted it.

Do you have this config:


Set to true (default)? I feel it should be as you expect, maybe the mail clients are caching the RT email address as one name though. Can you confirm the FROM address is the same as what is displayed by your mail client?

I do indeed, it’s something I checked in my random searching.

Checking the FROM in the header, it does indeed just have the queue name. I feel like something is wrong, going to go through the actual config files.

If there are different From:-lines on outgoing mails I’m sure it is an issue with templates. So check the template used for the “On Correspond notify Owner”-Scrip (or CC or Admin-CC) if there is an alternative From:-line defined.

IMO there is a change in the config because RT sends usually “Firstname Lastname via RT <support@domain>”.

Does the original mail contains a real name? Is the user filled with a real name? If no RT cannot put in the name of the sending user.