Jumbo page, and search?

Jesse (and other developers),

I’m pretty sure you know how messed up the jumbo page (for one, time
worked just has a blank box, instead of a box followed by “min” – one of
my people was confused and put 4 because he was thinking “hours”; for
another, if you try to insert a comment into the jumbo form when the
ticket is resolved, it doesn’t work, even though you can click on
"Comment" and do it from the default page; for another, the status
defaults to “new” no matter what the status is for the ticket).

I’m pretty sure you know how messed up the search is – not just search
vs. refine, but if you use a bookmarked search, and then click “new
search” and do a search, it includes the bookmarked search stuff – even
though you’ve clicked “new search”.

anyway, enough bitching. Do you have plans to fix that in the near
future? (yeah, I know, I know perl, I should just do it, but work is
insane right now. One day I’m sure I’ll become a developer)

Sheeri Kritzer
Systems Administrator
University Systems Group
Tufts University