JSGantt question

First, thanks to RT, and thanks to the contributor to the JSGantt extension. It has impressed management and it is going to give them more than they expected, in terms of seeing what is going on, what has been going on, and estimating what is going to be happening, and how soon.

I need to modify JSGantt a bit, because my tickets are really keyed off Estimated Work Hours and Priorities. So, the estimated start date for my 4th highest priority ticket is based on the amount of business hours it is expected my first three tickets to take, and the estimated completion date of my 4th highest priority ticket is some time after that. If the ticket is estimated to take 40 hours, then the completion date should be 1 week later than the calculated start date.

I also want the Gantt chart to have some markings on each day the ticket is worked. I have the team use Tools->My Day at the end of each day and, even if they don’t add a comment, I make sure it is recorded as a transaction (the comment defaults to “No Comment”, which leads to the right code path). Maybe even proportional to the number of hours entered.

I think changing the “% Comp.” field to be 100*((Est. Hours - Hours Worked)/Est. Hours) should be pretty easy, and I just have to configure something to send me an email when Hours Worked becomes greater than Hours Estimated.

If anyone has made some modifications like this, please let me know before I begin.

Thanks in advance,

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