Issue with sending emails


Using RT 4.4.4 on Centos 6.9

it sends notification, but it goes into junk. when checked found that
From : USER via RT <> — with no email settings…

Set($UseFriendlyFromLine , 1);

Set($FriendlyFromLineFormat , “”%s via RT" <%s>");
Set($UseFriendlyToLine , 1);
Set($FriendlyToLineFormat, “”%s Ticket #%s":;");
Set($ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs , 1);
Set(RTAddressRegexp , '^noreply\’)

Any pointer


The received email is marked as spam? How are you sending email from RT?

No, it does not mark as spam.

I am using postfix server relaying o365… other emails are working just fine., but configured this RT instance recently and facing issue with this.

not able to find any reason why is it sending empty email id…

when I update the ticket… postfix log shows correctly… but when it reaches me… it shows <> email id.