Issue with Modify/SeeQueue

We have been live on 3.8.7 for almost a week now an issue has been
discovered regarding the ModifyTicket/SeeQueue association.

Prior to 3.8.7 it is thought that the ModifyTicket attribute did not
need SeeQueue to modify a ticket but now it wants to always assign a
queue if you are not able to see the current queue.

UMBC has a Central HelpDesk which can only see a small number of
Queues however they are able to ShowTicket and ModifyTicket across the
board. This allows them to grab back a ticket that is in a queue that
they do not see.

Prior to our upgrade my HD Manager states she could goto the Basic
function under the Display and modify the ticket custom fields but now
when she does this it will update the custom fields as before but now
the queue defaults to the first available queue she is allowed to
SeeQueue and move the ticket to that queue. In the past she says the
Queue was blank just like it is showing in the display screen and when
she updated the CF’s it did not try to change queues.

My question is: Is there a way for someone to update a ticket that
they cannot see the queue and not have it want to move the queue as
well but rather leave it in the current queue while the ticket is
being updated?

Thank you,


Joe Kirby , Assistant Vice President, Business Systems
Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
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Administration 627
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