Issue Installing RTIR

I am running RT on AWS - used the standard AMI image

RT works correctly

I downloaded and unpacked the install package for RTIR here:

There is a Makefile already in the following directories:

typed make install

added RT’s etc/ file: Plugin(‘RT::IR’);

Rebooted Server

typed “make initdb”

received the following error:

ERROR: Couldn’t load data from ‘etc/initialdata’:

ERROR:Please add RT::IR to your Plugins configuration before initializing the database. See README for more information. at etc/initialdata line 4.

Compilation failed in require at /opt/rt4/sbin/…/lib/RT/ line 917.

Do you have the correct initialdata handler in RT_Config for this type of file?

…returned with error: 65280

make: *** [initdb] Error 2

Inside of your RT repo (/opt/rt4?) you need to edit etc/ and add the RTIR plugin line: Plugin('RT::IR'); restart you webserver and clear you mason cache. Then try to run the make initdb command.