Is it possible to "lock" RT to only merge tickets from e-mails received from one of the issue-watchers?


  1. An issue is created in RT.
  2. The e-mail is sent to a requestor (customer), and CCed to another customer user.
  3. The customer forwards the e-mail internally, and the receiver (not a watcher) responds.
  4. RT (uses headers (?) and subject to automatically merge this correspondence into the existing ticket, making the new third person a part of the ticket.

Can I by configuration avoid step 4? I do not want arbitrary users with only knowledge of the ticket id (subject) to be able to respond and take part in tickets? If this happens, it should create a new ticket, and the operators should manually merge them if they should be included.

I only want the watchers to be able to communicate in the respective ticket.

I think you could overlay RT::Interface::Email::sub ParseTicketId to check if the user sending in is a watcher on the ticket, if not don’t return the parsed ticket ID

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Something like:

sub ParseTicketId {


in the file local/lib/RT/Interface/

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