Is it possible to delete 'reply' button?


Is it possible to not show ‘reply’ button when the $TransactionObj->Type is

When mistakenly push ‘reply’ on Comment, every previous comments are added
on default ‘reply’ page which could cause some severe problem.



Is it possible to not show ‘reply’ button when the
$TransactionObj->Type is ‘Comment’?
Of course it is possible. In 4.0 you can use ModifyCommand callback from
/Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction to modify the list of transaction
actions. In this callback you will be able to remove the ‘Reply’ link
using a regular expression, for example:

return unless $TransactionObj->Type eq ‘Comment’;

$$titlebar_cmd =~ s/[.?Action=Respond.?]//;
$TransactionObj => undef
$titlebar_cmd => undef

This won’t work with 4.2 though, because ModifyCommand has been removed
and ShowTransaction changed location. You will have to use Default
callback from /Elements/ShowTransaction instead. The callback provides
access to @Actions - an array of hashes representing various actions.
Removing the link will be a matter of looping over the array and
removing the right element (e.g. where class field will be equal to



Thank you!