Is documentation for 4.4.1 still available?

I’m working on an upgrade to (stable) RT4.4.1, RT4.4.2 RC having been released subsequent to starting work…

Now I need to explore some of the more arcane reaches and checking documentation for this in RT it appears that the documentation resource at is only offering documentation for RT4.4.2

Can anyone tell me where can I find RT4.4.1 documentation? Specifically the RT4.4.2 ‘Customizing/Scrip conditions and action’ documentation doesn’t match the RT4.4.1 installation… Admin > Global > Conditions and Admin > Global > Actions don’t exist as menu choices for instance on my RT4.4.1 install. That might be a difference between RT4.4.1 and RT4.4.2 or it might be a documentation issue… but as this document didn’t exist at the previous (RT4.2) documentation I don’t know which is the case.

Should be here:

Ah, thank you… looks like that document was new for RT4.4.2 anyway!