Integration with PagerDuty


Yesterday I polished off my extension for raising incidents using PagerDuty. We haven’t rolled it out to production yet, but I figured people might be keen to have a poke. I have tested it with both RT 4.4.4 and RT 5.0.0.

It is available here: GitHub - catalyst-cloud/RT-Extension-PagerDuty: Create events in PagerDuty when a ticket is created in RT

If you want to use the spooling feature, it requires my branch of Agent::PagerDuty: GitHub - catalyst-cloud/perl-pagerduty-agent: PagerDuty::Agent is a module for submitting events to PagerDuty

It has initial support for bringing updates from PagerDuty back into RT, but only via email. My plan is to add support for using Webhooks to allow PagerDuty to push updates into RT.


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