Integration with our customer database for abuse complaint handling

Hello Rt-Devel list users:

Currently we have a seperate ticket system for abuse complaints where third
party complaints come in and are dealt with by abuse staff. Abuse staff
allocate the complaint to a specific customer within our system and open a
ticket within our customer management system to notify them of the issue and
ask them to resolve it within a reasonable amount of time.

What I would like to see happen is an autoreply sent back to the person
filing the complaint asking them to indicate which IP address or hostname
they are complaining about and have RT retrieve the information from our
database (with tools I already have working).

What I envision is this:

  1. Complaint comes in
  2. Auto reply asks the complaining party to respond with something like:
    “nominate” in the body
  3. Upon receipt of this command (much like a list serv gets a subscribe
    command) RT would script the adding of AdminCC or CC to our customer’s email
    addresses and send a template to them requesting a response to go directly
    back to the complaining party.
  4. Responses could then go back and forth between our customer
    semi-anonymously and the complaining party until it is resolved under our
  5. Tickets that are not resolved within a reasonable amount of time would be
    brought to our attention to step in and disconnect the customer for not
    responding or not resolving the issue.

I think they are called hooks or something, but I can’t seem to wrap my head
around how it would be done. How can I get RT to deal with specific content
in the body of a complaint? Is there any way to extract hostnames or IP
addresses automatically from the complaint instead of requiring people to
send a response back nominating an IP address?

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